on art and artists

Alison Knowles Time Samples

Jan Harrison Crossing Over to Jan Harrison

Monika Weiss Conceiving Body

SoHyun Bae Configuring Wrap

Heather Hutchison Boxed Light Bodies

Margaret DeWys Blowing One’s Own Bone, or
Truth Shot Through Me Like a Whistle, She Said

on poetics/language art


Electronic Linguistic

[Written by George Quasha, in part in dialogue with Gary Hill, and with a view to further dialogue with Chrissie Iles, as preliminary statement in contribution to Thomas Bartscherer’s project of a collection of art-centered essays on information technology. The views expressed herein are George Quasha’s, reflecting many years of collaboration with Gary Hill, who expresses agreement with these views, as well as Charles Stein.]

Island Reading

[On Islandia by Maria Negroni, translated by Anne Twitty (Station Hill Press, 2001), delivered on the occasion of the 2002 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation]

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